*Project is work experience, not a student project.

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Grupo Premiere, a Mexican CPG, was working with U.S. investors to bring a new brand of pre-made hibiscus tea to the U.S. market.  They hired Work Labs to concept the position, brand strategy, and preliminary creative for the launch.  I was the strategist on the project.


In my preliminary research, I sought out to understand what drove alternative beverage purchases, who made these purchases, and the level of familiarity the U.S. market had with hibiscus.  I conducted a focus group, several interviews, and compiled a competitive analysis and segmentation study in order to properly position the brand.


The research uncovered that while experimenting with consumption of healthy alternative beverages is on the rise, especially pertaining to "superfoods," hibiscus tea has very low awareness in most of the continental U.S.. This low awareness opened the door for our client to "own" a new super food.  


The research also uncovered a core target of affluent women who are well traveled and experimental, crafting a life of vitality through balancing career and family, indulgence and health.  These women perceive themselves to be trendsetters and love sharing the secrets of new finds with their close circle of friends.  Everyday luxury is a matter of lifestyle, and they are loyal to the brands that serve them such as: Lululemon, Nordstrom, Ben & Jerry’s, Frye, Tory Burch


Educate Americans about the globally celebrated attributes of hibiscus tea.


Hibiscus, naturally.

BRAND promise

The ruby red of hibiscus tea is celebrated from Maui to Mexico to Mali.  The beverage is adored globally, not only for its refreshing floral flavor but also for its universally recognized health benefits.  Roja Bloom celebrates hibiscus tea by preserving its purity.  Hibiscus doesn’t need to be part of a complicated blend, it is delicious in its natural state. With only 3 ingredients and 50 calories, Roja Bloom offers all of the benefits of hibiscus in the perfect alternative to artificial, high-calorie beverages.

Package Design

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