Our team was tasked with creating a product extension combining two unlikely things: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and dog food.


Bring all of B&J's iconic personality to the pet food market.


In order to make this unlikely combination work, we needed to fully understand what trends were influencing the dog food market. We found that millennials are having children later or not at all, and instead are focusing their affections on their pets. Today, 44% of Americans own dogs, more than have children. The result of this has been the humanization of pets, especially dogs, and a trend toward all natural and premium dog food and treats. Additionally, pet parents no longer just want to "treat themselves" they want to treat their dogs too. In fact, 63% of pet parents celebrate their dog's birthday.


With the consumer demand toward celebrating pet birthdays, an all natural, frozen doggie birthday treat in an ice cream cone rubber toy is just the ticket! And what brand can create a more delicious frozen treat for the celebration than Ben & Jerry's?

My role

In addition to contributing to the overall innovation strategy on this project, I also contributed to the packaging and product design.


Doggie Birthday Cake


Doggie Dough | ain't nothin' butta

In line with Ben & Jerry's humorous packaging and cultural messaging, we concepted 3 flavors of treats that can be injected into the Ice Cream Cone rubber dog toy depicted above. 

Here is "Ain't Nothin' Butta," yogurt swirled with smashed bananas, peanut butter, and chunks of bacon.  A recipe inspired by the King himself!

Doggie Dough | No bull-ogna

This all-natural Doggie Dough flavor is stock full of the classic B&J's humor.  Every pooch is sure to love peanut butter and yogurt swirled with chunks of cheddar cheese! Doggie Dough would be available in the Ben & Jerry's shop freezer section and in specialty food stores.



Doggie dough | the pawsuit of happiness

This delicious Doggie Dough flavor celebrates the good ol' US of A, but it also incorporates a local partner (something Ben & Jerry's loves to do!)  The partner ingrediant, Wagatha's Turkey Berry Biscuits, is made in Vermont.  Other ingredients include vanilla yogurt, blueberries, and strawberries - red, white, and blue!

Any of the Doggie Dough flavors can be frozen in the Ice Cream Kong for hours of fun for your favorite pooch.  It's perfect for a birthday celebration or any other special day for your doggie.

Collaborators: Troy Gary, Creative Brand Manager | Caitlin Murphy, Creative Brand Manager | Ben Patty, Creative Brand Manager